Naturalmente Mediterraneo

Naturalmente Mediterraneo Jennifer YoungNaturalmente Mediterraneo began several years ago when I started making natural soaps and other natural skincare products in my kitchen with ingredients that I could find locally in this area, the coast of Almeria, in southern Spain. From the moment I began researching, experimenting, formulating and developing our products, the inspiration, creativity and passion has not stopped.

In 2012, we were very excited to move production into the Naturalmente Mediterraneo studio, a space dedicated to making the products, where we work together with a pharmacist and a laboratory in Murcia where each batch is analyzed.

We continue creating, making and packaging all of the products by hand, with passion and attention to detail.  Our product range now includes, soap for the shower, face and shaving, liquid soap, moisturizing creams and salves, muscle rub, lip balms, solid perfumes, moisturizing body oil, facial serum, scrubs and personalized products for events such as weddings.

We are located on the southern coast of Spain in a magical area next to the Mediterranean Sea, full of sun and natural healing ingredients for our skin.

Currently our products are sold at our studio and shop, through our on-line shop and at varias shops around Spain.

Looking ahead, I continue to research, experiment and develop new products and am currently working on several things such as hair products, deodorant, moisturizing cream for oilier skins, a shaving oil, new varieties of soap and liquid soap, among others.

I hope you are enjoying our products! 

Jennifer xoxoxo